Schedule Report to Update Every Hour

I saw a question about generating a report every hour for “the hour before”, that you can´t do out of the box. But I have a idea, why dont generate a report every half hour, for the entire day? That would give you a updated report every half hour, including the hour before, or as far as the data warehouse has processed data.

In this example I will use a generic performance report

  1. Open the Ops Mgr 2007 Console
  2. Go to Reporting (Ctrl+3)
  3. Expand Reporting and click Microsoft Generic Report Library
  4. Click Performance and then choose Schedule from the action menu
  5. The Subscribe to a Report wizard starts, at the Delivery page, input a description and choose a delivery method. In this example I will choose Windows File Share as delivery method. That will store my report to a file share on the network.
    – File name, for example CPU Graph Today.pdf
    – Path, for example \\servername\share
    – Render Format, choose output format, PDF is nice
    – Write mode, choose Overwrite
    – User name and Password, inpute information about a account to use to write the report, then click Next
  6. At the Subscription Schedule page, choose how often the report should be generated. I will choose Hourly and every 0 hours and 30 minutes. Choose when the subscription should start and then click Next
  7. At the Report Parameters page, choose
    – Data Aggregation: Hourly
    – From: Today 00:00
    – To: 23:59
    – Histogram: Daily by hours
    – 3D Chart: True
  8. At the Report Parameters page, click Change…
  9. In the Settings box, click New Chart
  10. In the Settings box. input chart title, for example CPU Graph Today
  11. In the Settings box, click New Series
  12. In the Settings box, click Add Objects, in the Add Object box, choose a item of the Windows Operating System type, click Add and then OK
  13. In the Settings box, click Browse
  14. In the Select Rule box, search for “processor” and choose “Processor % Processor Time Total” from available items, click OK
  15. In the Settings box, click OK
  16. At the Report Parameters page, click Finish
  17. Back in the console reporting part, click Scheduled Reports to see your new subscription.

As you can see in the report, the report are about one hour behind. If you generate the report at 23:30 the report will include data to 22:30. If you need for example performance data quicker than that, you can create a new performance view.