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Send e-mail to affected user

In this post I will show you how to build a simple task to send a e-mail to the affected user of a incident. The e-mail will be logged in the action log of the incident.Please note that this will not affect how you handle incoming e-mails, it will only give you a fast way to send a e-mail to the affected user.

  1. In the SCSM Console, go to Library, check Tasks
  2. In the Tasks pane click Create Task
  3. Input the following settings in the “Create a task” wizard
  4. General
    • Task name: Contoso – Send e-mail to affected user
    • Target class: Incident
  5. Categories: Incident Support Group Folder Tasks
  6. Command Line
    • Full path to command: %SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe
    • Parameters: .\emailenduser.ps1 Property/WorkItem/ID Property/AffectedUser/Username Property/WorkItem/Title Property/AffectedUser/Firstname
    • Please note that each property is inserted with the “Insert Property” button
    • Check both “Log in action log when this task is run” and “Show output when this task is run”
    • Working Directory: C:\Scripts\
  7. Save your new task

As you can see in the task we are using a script here, C:\Scripts\emailenduser.ps1. It is a powershell script that you can download here, emailenduser. Please note that you will need to modify the script to work in your environment, there are some notes about that in the script.

Now, if you select a incident in a incident view you will have a new task in the tasks pane, “Contoso – Send e-mail to affected user”. If you click it you can input a text. This text will be in the e-mail. The e-mail will also add a “Hi affect user name” and “thanks, br service desk…”. Don’t forget to modify that part to in the script.

The operator will see the e-mail and it will also be inserted into the action log of the incident.

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