How to Monitor a Web Site with Ops Mgr 2007

This is a general guide how to monitor a web site with Operations Manager 2007.

  1. Start the console, click Authoring and then expand Management Pack Templates
  2. Right-click Web Application and choose add monitoring wizard
  3. Add monitoring Wizard – Monitoring Type: Select Web Application and click Next
  4. Add monitoring Wizard – General Properties: Input name, description and select a management pack, then click Next
  5. Add monitoring Wizard – Web Address: Input the URL, click test and verify that the URL works, then click Next
  6. Add monitoring Wizard – Watcher Node: Select the machine that will as watcher node, click Next
  7. Add monitoring Wizard – Summary: Verify your settings and then click Create

You can click on your new web application and then click “Record a browser session” or “Edit web application settings” to setup more advanced configuration for your web application monitoring.



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