A common question is why MOM don’t generate an alert when diskspace is out. “Run Storage State Monitoring” is a script that among other things check free space. This script has a couple of parameters that will affect when an alert is generated. If we look in the Base OS MP guide we will find the following text:

Alerts are generated based on the values that are set for the free-space thresholds. Values below the established thresholds trigger alerts. However, alerts for non-system and system drives are generated only when the values for both the free space megabytes and the free space percentage are below the configured thresholds.

This means that both values have to be fulfilled before an alert is generated. Default threshold is 500Mb on non-system disks and less that 10% free space. If you have a disk at 1GB total space, that disk has to have less than 100Mb free space before an alert is generated.

A solution can be to setup free percent to 100% and then control the alert with free Mb. You always  have less that 100% free disk. You can also setup free Mb to 9999999 and control the alert with free %.

You can change the parameters in Administrator Console
-Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM)
–Management Packs
—-Microsoft Windows Storage State Monitoring Script



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