Notification popup with Opalis

Today I needed to build some kind of extra notification when a special alert was generated in Operations Manager. As we were already working with Opalis, why not continue with Opalis? The result was a simple policy checking for a special alert (service stopped), if it is generated, it sends a popup message with msg.exe to a specific machine. Pretty simple, but another example how to solve things with Opalis.

There was another policy checking the service and restared it if needed, of course we could merge them into one policy. The “Notify by popup” is a “Run program” object with the following settings

  • Program execution
  • Computer: IP of target machine where to run the program
  • Program path: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msg.exe
  • Parameters: * /SERVER:NYSRV10 /TIME:120 {Name from “Get All New Alerts”}
  • Working folder: C:\

The message on the target machine

…and the updated alert in Operations Manager, by the second policy.



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