Overview Updated MOM 2005 Backwards Compatibility MP (6.0.5000.1) and System Center Internal Library MP (6.0.5000.1).
Update to address fixes and enhancements:
– New Backward Compatibility Threshold monitoring type using in Converted MOM 2005 MPs which exposes Threshold values as overrides.
РFixes to the Backward Compatibility Cluster discovery to address problem with converted MPs that monitor clustered Applications  Installation: After unpacking of the MSI files import the following MP files:
Folder (default): %ProgramFiles%\System Center Management Packs
– System.Mom.BackwardCompatibility.Library.mp
– Microsoft.SystemCenter.Internal.mp
The MP will replace the existing version of the files

Management Pack Release History:
Initial Release 3/23/2007 Version 6.0.5000.0

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