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Connect Opalis to Operations Manager

If you try to configure a connection from Opalis to Operations Manager 2007 you might get this error

That means that you need to install the Operations Manager Console first, as Opalis use files from that to connect to Operations Manager. You also need to reboot your Opalis machine before you can successfully connect.


  1. now there is another error message: “Failed to connect. Please verify your connection settings”.
    I installed Opalis Integration Server and SCOM on two different servers.
    I also installed the “Operations Manager Console” on my Opalis Server, and the console works.

    Any suggestions ?

  2. could it not be that the problem is my windows 2008r2 64 Server on which Opalis runs ?
    or has this nothing to do with the error ?

  3. I get the same error, when i try to connect to Operations Manager 2007 R2.
    Although I installed the Operations Manager Console on the SCOM Server, i get the same error.
    Do you have other suggestions about this error ?


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