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A common questions in the forums is “how to export a list of all agents to Excel?” You can do that with Operations Manager shell. The Operations Manager command shell is built on Windows PowerShell. The Operations Manager command shell extends the Windows command shell with over 80 additional small utility programs, called cmdlets, which can either be run directly from the command shell prompt or called from within a batch file or script. To export a list of all agents and some info about them run the following command

get-agent | select Displayname,InstallTime,InstalledBy,Version | export-csv -notype c:\agents.csv

That will give you a CSV file, C:\agents.csv. Open the file with Excel, select all the data,┬áclick the “text to columns” button and choose comma delimeter. That will convert your data into nice columns.

…and there you have your list in Excel with nice columns



2 thoughts on “Export agents to Excel

  1. Or just go to agent managed computers in the console, select all, ctrl+c, open empty excel sheet, ctrl+v

    This is ofcourse if you need to do it once, manually. ­čÖé


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