Operations Manager 2007 FAQ

I have put together some questions and answers that have been discuss in System Center Operations Manager 2007 forums

Q: Which versions of SNMP are supported by Operations Manager 2007?
A: Today only version 2c are supported.

Q: What can I use to scale ACS?
A: there is a Operations Manager 2007 Performance and Scalability White Paper at MS Connect that you can download, it includes a chapter about ACS. The System Center Capacity Planner 2007 can also help you size your environment. Supported Machines Per Audit Collection Collector are 100 Domain controllers, 1000 Member Server or 10000 Workstations.

Q: How can I change the refresh time in the console?
A: There is no supported way to change it today.

Q: Is SQL 2005 SP2 supported by Operations Manager 2007?
A: Yes it is, another comments is that if you run X64 OS also SQL has to be X64

Q: Is SQL db mirroirng supported by Operations Manager 2007?
A: No it is not

Q: How do I create a task that are visable on all alerts?
A: If you create the task under for example Agent the task will be shown for all agent managed computers

Q: What does error id 0x80070005 mean?
A: That is the “access denied” error ID, verify that you are running with a suitable account

Q: When I install the reporting component the setup fail with “check log for value 3”, what does this mean?
A: This is a known issue. It would happen if your reporting servers is in a disjointed namespace or if your Active Directory query timeout. There will be a fix for this soon.

Q: Is there a way to see which MPs are assigned to a given computer object?
A: Take a look at this link