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Importing knowledge into Service Manager 2010 – part 2

In this post I wrote about how-to import knowledge into Service Manager 2010. This week I did some tests about importing knowledge including data from a word file (docx) and a rich text format file (rtf). In my previous post about importing knowledge I wrote how you could use files and how they are mapped to the knowledge article text fields. If I use a Word file (docx) the result is “raw data”, not how we see the same file in Word.


If I instead use a Rich Text form file it looks really nice in the Service Manager console.

Summary: Try to use rich text format files instead of normal Word files when importing knowledge into Service Manager.


  1. Hi, today if I had all the files, I would build a runbook in Orchestrator to read them and create knowledge article objects in Service Manager. I know Orchestrator much better than CSV import, so that would be easier 🙂

  2. Hello Anders – Michael here
    I have been combing over the web looking for specifics on using CSV-Import and the process of importing several (hundreds) of knowledge articles into SCSM 2012. I have multiple RTF files, but it is not clear how to stage all the RTF files along with the .xml structure file and the .CSV file. From what I can tell with everything I have found you would use a single CSV file with a row for every instance of the imported KA in SCSM 2012 and a single .XML file for the KA structure. the question I have is how do you stage and point to all the RTF files. In some instances I will have both Internal and Analyst RTF content instances for a single KA, so where do all the RTFs go and how do I reference them especially since I want to import so many KAs. I am assuming that there must be a location in the CSV file that I can oint to the file name and location but I can’t find any specifics around where or how to do this. Thanks in advance for some insight into this process.

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