Detailed Notification without notification workflow.

Your IT department presumably includes a number of team and roles. None of them want to get alert notification about machines or services that they do not administrate. If you want to setup a more detailed notification within your MOM environment I would recommend you to use MOM notification workflow. There is only one thing, MOM notification workflow does not work on SQL 2005. If your OnePoint database is running on a SQL 2005 machine you can´t use MOM notification workflow.

But 🙂 There is another way to setup detailed notification. It takes a little more planning but it will work.

  1. Create a new rule group, name it something suitable like “Notification – All Critical Alerts”
  2. Associate it with a computer group, for example “Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers”
  3. Create a new alert rule in your new rule group
    Alert Criteria: of severity = Critical
    Responses: Send a notification to a notification group
  4. Commit Configuration Changes

So what have we done? We have a rule that will send a notification on any alert that have severity critical. This rule is associated with a computer group including all Windows 2003 servers, so it will only be alerts with severity critical from a machine running Windows 2003 server. How can we include management packs then?

  1. open properties for your new alert rule and click the alert criteria tab
  2. check the “only match alerts generated by rules in the following group:” and click “Browse”
  3. choose a management pack, for example Active Directory, click ok and then ok to close the properties window

What have we now done? We have added one more criterias to our alert rule, now a alert must be critical and come from a Windows 2003 server and be generated from the Active Directory management pack.

  • We control “which computers” with the associated computer group at the rule group level.
  • We control “which management pack” with the “only match alerts generated by rules in the following group:” criteria

You can also add advanced criteria for example severity is at least warning.

You can find more information about Notification Workflow Solution Accelerator here. If you decide to use NTWF Pete Zerger has done a great step by step guide that you can find here.






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