Asset Management MP for Service Manager 2010

In a collaborative project we, Patrik Sundqvist and Anders Bengtsson have created an embryo of an Asset Management extension for Service Manager. Our thoughts behind this management pack are to build a version one that we could extend in the future. It is not a feature complete asset management solution for enterprise organizations, but it is a foundation that could give you some ideas what you could do with Service Manager 2010.

Download management pack here and there management pack guide here. If you have any ideas or feedback, send us a e-mail.



6 thoughts on “Asset Management MP for Service Manager 2010

  1. Hi, this is great. Is there any updated version of this since 2010 or this part is left to Provance?

  2. hi,
    i need one suggestion from you, I have one .csv file which has information of my all hardware assets like printer, computer, AC, laptop, phone etc.
    i need to add all the item from the .csv file into scsm data base using SDK in hardware asset category, how can i do this. if any one has suggestion please do me inform at
    Thanking you in advance

  3. Really useful! I’m looking forward to adding this to our implementation of SCSM so that we can start to build a better picture of what assets we have and the state they are in.

    I like some of the ideas you’ve got for a future version as well.


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