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Target knowledge to a group of users

I tested to modify my announcement customization management pack from this post to extend the knowledge article class instead. It works really well, I can target knowledge articles to a group of users or to everyone. The following can be a little bit confusing if you have not read this first, please do.

  1. Added one new property to the System.Knowledge.Article class, called Group
  2. On the extension tab of the knowledge article form, I configured target group for the article, for exaple 5 for all and 2 for HR
  3. Create a new dynamic group for each department, for example the HR group
    1. Name: Contoso – Knowledge – 2 HR or Everyone
    2. Management Pack: Contoso Knowledge Extension (same as the class extension)
    3. Dynamic members 
    4. For everything else in the group wizard I use default settings
  4. Updated the security user roles from the other post to include also this new group
  5. That would do it 🙂





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