I have notice a couple of common questions in newsgroups and forums this week.

Rule that will alert you if process X use more that Y % Processor Time
In this example I will montor if iexplorer (Internet Explorer) takes more that 1 % processor time. Maybe not a very common scenario, but it will work to show you how to setup this for other processes and thresholds.

First we need to create a new provider to collect the performance counter, and then an alert that will compare performance data and generates an alert. 

  1. Create a new provider in MOM 2005 Administrator Console
    Computer: or
    Object: Process (use “advanced” to enable this dropdown menu)
    Counter %Processor Time
    Instance: iexplorer (you might need to start that process before it shows up in the list)
  2. Create a new performance rule to compare performance data (threshold
    Schedule: Always process data
    Criteria: Leave default values
    Threshold: “Match when the threshold meet the following condition:” “greater than the following value: 1”
    Alert: Generate alert
    Alert suppression: Leave default settings
    Response: None
    Knowledge Base: Optional
    General: Input a name and verify that the rule is enabled 

That should do it. Note that it can take a couple of minutes before the new rule is active.


How do I see all members of a computer group?

  1. Start Operator Console
  2. Click public views
  3. Click computer groups
  4. Right-click a computer group and choose view -> computers