Notification based on a distributed application in R2

In Operations Manager 2007 Sp1 when you created a distributed application there was also a group created, including all objects in the distributed application. I cant find a corresponding group in Ops Mgr R2. I used that group for notification, notification for everything in a distributed application. If you want to do the same thing in R2, get notification for all new alerts for all objects in a distributed application, you can

1. Create a distributed application
2. Create a new group with the following forumla “( Object is Contoso - Distributed Application - Spoolers AND ( Display Name Matches wildcard * ) AND True ) “. “Contoso – Distributed Application – Spoolers”  is the name of my distributed application. To build the forumla select your distributed application as class and then “Display Name Matches wildcard *” as expression. Remember to add the forumla under dynamic members.
3. Create a new subscription with the following subscription critiera
Notify on all alerts
raised by any instance in a Contoso - Group - Print Spooler DA group
and with New (0) resolution state

“Contoso – Group – Print Spooler DA” is the name of my group.



2 thoughts on “Notification based on a distributed application in R2

  1. I’m guessing it’s because you built your from a blank template and I built mine from the LOB Web App template…

  2. Hm, that doesn’t work for me. It only gives me the DA itself. Looking for a query that gives me all monitoring objects inside the DA….

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